10 Daily Ways to Nurture a Loving Partnership

Noemi J. Mullins

It doesn’t take much for two people to fall out of love or become distant in today’s hectic world. You might be surprised at how little of your connection with this person is nurturing and mindful.

Our relationships can often become automatic due to the constant juggling of daily life. Relationships take time, and sometimes it feels like a lot of effort. It doesn’t have to be this way. Being together can be fun and easy, not a chore.

Use these gestures to infuse more love into your relationship:

Couples don’t realize how small, everyday acts of love can make a big difference in building a healthy relationship. You can make a big difference in your relationship by making your partner smile every day.

1. Leave a note of love

You can grab a post-it note and say, “I love YOU!” Could you put it in your bathroom mirror? You can also write your partner a funny inside joke or something that will make them laugh when they’re not expecting it. If your partner is overwhelmed by their to-do lists, you can add something unexpected like “Treat yourself” or “Tell your sweetheart that you love him/her.”

2. Be kind to each other

When you get home from work, make it a habit to greet each other with a warm welcome and a hug. We often underestimate the power and importance of a warm welcome, especially after being together for a while. Everyone likes to feel valued and wanted. It’s possible!

3. Eyes are the best way to see each other

When you talk, make eye contact. Sometimes, you can communicate with your eyes for several minutes without using words.

4. Do something kind every day

You can do it as easily as a pat on the back while walking by another or a long hug. Keep in touch with your loved ones, and do it deliberately.

5. Recognize small accomplishments

For something positive that your partner has done every day, thank them. You could say, “Hey, thank you for taking care of the dishes.” It was a great help! They should be proud of the hard work to provide for their family. You can celebrate milestones in your partner’s career by sending flowers or hosting a dinner party. It is an emotional deposit when we highlight the actions of our partner that make our lives easier.

6. Pay attention to your partner

Listen to your partner’s venting and try not to react. If your partner is happy about their day or has achieved a breakthrough at work, you can give them your full attention and allow them to share their experiences. Listening is a core need, so try to be there for each other.

7. Reach out throughout the day

Do not wait for your partner to return home. Tell your partner that you care, send them a text message. Send them a loving or fun email.

8. Be playful and silly

Sometimes act out of character to bring lightness and laughter into your relationship. You can have a snowball fight with your partner or engage in a squirt gunfight. To shake things up, do something different! This is also a great way to relieve stress during these difficult times. Nothing can heal you more than laughter.

9. Surprise one another

Every once in a while, bring something special home, whether it be dinner, flowers you picked while driving out of work, or funny articles that made you smile. Drop off your favorite lunch at work if they are too busy. This gesture will let your partner know that you care about them.

10. Ask questions

Ask them about their day and what they do at work. Then listen carefully to what they have to say. Be curious.


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