12 Relationship Tips Experts and Real Couples Share Their Trusted Advice

Noemi J. Mullins

Finding your soulmate may seem difficult, but it is possible to make a lasting relationship. Relationships can be complex, complicated, and sometimes even downright tricky. The good news is that most relationships are worth it.

You and your partner must work together to find the best relationship path for you. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop asking for help along the way. Be wary of advice from family members, friends, or coworkers. It’s only sometimes the best advice. You can trust more reliable sources such as a professional relationship therapist or Lasting, a science-based relationship app supported by The Knot.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t married yet. Is therapy worth the effort? The short answer to that question is yes. Sometimes, relationship advice can be helpful even before you hear the wedding bells. Let’s remember those couples who have grown together over time. As with all relationships, marriage evolves and changes over time. This means that new advice might be welcomed.

We have the right relationship advice for you, whether your relationship status is just one date in, newly engaged, on your honeymoon, or so long that you can’t remember, to cement your commitment to each other.

Expert Advice on Relationships

Marriage counselors and relationship specialists have all seen the good and the bad. Here is some top-notch relationship advice experts offer their clients and patients.

Respect your partner’s thoughts. Steven Dziedzic is the founder of Lasting. This means that you will have different opinions and feelings about almost everything. You may find yourself in big and small disagreements. This is why the goal is not to win in conflict, as many believe. It’s to understand your partner. Dziedzic encourages couples to remember that even though they might think otherwise, their partner’s view is valid and worthy to be respected. Dziedzic says, “In a marriage, one of the most important tasks is to consistently try to understand what your partner thinks and why.” The more you know about your partner, your relationship will be stronger.

Connect or disconnect. One-on-one conversations can be strained by social media and the internet. Even though you may be the only one in the room, it doesn’t mean that you are spending quality time together. Bonnie Winston is a celebrity matchmaker and relationship expert. She advises that you put down your phones when you’re out together, and unplug them when you get home. Take a 24-hour break to play board games or cook together.

A tune-up is essential. Even a Mercedes needs to be towed every year. An app like Lasting makes this easier and more accessible than ever. It intelligently learns about your relationship, then creates a personalized program for you with sessions on communication and sex.

It’s important to find a safe place. Counseling is often necessary to create this space and communication style. However, if couples are able to invent it in their relationship, it can be easier than ever. It’s what my husband and I call “drive time.” When we are both relaxed and focused, we have the best conversations and make the most of driving in rural areas.

You should invest in your partner. These relationships are more durable than those that are based solely on pleasure or utility. They’re built on what the partners put into them, rather than what they get.

Remember to think about yourself. This doesn’t mean that they won’t participate in activities together, or invite their spouse to go out with their friends. They don’t feel obliged to do everything together. Our research has shown that satisfying relationships are associated with interdependence and not dependence.

Real Couples’ Advice on Relationships

While you probably know that it is best to not be angry at your partner and that communication is important, there are many more proven-true tips for couples. Experts may have one perspective, but we asked real couples to share their relationship advice.

Laugh it off. “If we can both crack a joke, or point out the absurdity of an argument before it escalates, it’s usually possible to diffuse it quickly. One thing I have learned the hard way is that sarcasm rarely has the desired effect. Keep it fun and add some humor to your conversation.

Say ‘thanks’ regularly. Jamie K., New Milford, Connecticut, says that you should show gratitude. Even if your partner does something like cook dinner or wash the car, showing appreciation is a wonderful way to make them feel good. It also serves as a reminder that you can live a happy life because of what you do together.

Don’t worry about the small things. Lisa C., Springfield, New Jersey. “His answer stays with me every single day for its simplicity, probable wisdom, and ‘Don’t nitpick.’

Fighting rights is key. People naturally fight for what they need, for their own reasons, or for the result they desire. You must prioritize your relationship during a fight if you want it to last. You should fight in a more cooperative manner and avoid using the usual dirty tactics of blaming someone for something they did years ago, or dragging out their mistakes because you are angry.

The more they are aware. “Do not over-communicate, at least not about the most important things in your relationship,” Tracey L. of New York City says. “Don’t underestimate how well your partner understands and appreciates you.”

It takes practice to become a master. Kristen A., from Atlanta, says that it is important to make marriage counseling a daily habit. We use the Lasting app to do this. It is a great starting point for difficult conversations that are necessary for your marriage to thrive.

Although relationship advice is wonderful, it’s important to remember that not all relationships are the same. No two relationships are the same. Therefore, the approach you choose must be the right one for you. If you don’t find the relationship tips from experts or real couples helpful, modify them, work with your partner to create your own ideas, or seek professional assistance through an app like Lasting. You might find valuable relationship advice that you can pass on to future couples.

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