Five Daily Habits that will keep you motivated and happy


“In essence, if you want to control your life, you must be in control of your consistent actions.” Our lives are not shaped by what we do once in a while but by how we do it consistently.

You can make or break your habits. While good habits are the key to success, bad habits can cause you to lose your motivation, happiness, and health.

These questions will help you to take stock of your current habits.

What works for you?

What aren’t habits working for you?

Are your current habits helping or hindering you from achieving your goals?

These are some new habits to keep you happy and motivated!

Disclaimer – Habits are flexible, and it’s important that you also be kind to yourself. I don’t exercise every day, and I don’t meditate every day. These habits are important to me, and I want to make them a part of my daily life. I try to meditate at least three times per week and exercise up to five times per week. Clients often try to create a new habit and become frustrated when they don’t succeed every day.

Don’t expect instant results. You won’t feel like you are in control of your life after one walk. Let go of the expectations and enjoy the simple task of being done.


What’s your morning routine?

Your bed is meant to be used for sleeping. It would help if you were not working, relaxing, or eating in your bed.

Good sleep hygiene, which combines a good sleeping environment and a routine, can promote uninterrupted and consistent sleep. Your bed should be your sacred space, so take care of your sleep hygiene.

Get out of bed when your alarm goes off. Research shows that 85% of people check their phones within the first 15 minutes after waking (1). This causes brain waves to be disrupted when you awake (2). Make sure you get out of bed when you wake up. It’s easier to climb back into a bed that isn’t made.

This habit can be changed by replacing it with a different one. You can start by moving your phone to a faraway place from you. ).

Next, think about what you can do in the morning. Are you going to go for a walk, read or do yoga? TIP – It’s good to plan what you will do each night. This saves you time in the morning.


Moving, walking and being in nature can make you happy and motivated. Research and science have proven that exercise has many benefits for your mental and physical health.

How many days go by without you exercising or going for a walk? This is a priority for you. Are you able to track the time that your body spends moving each week?

To make this a habit in your day, invite a friend. A friend can help you be accountable and make it more social. Book a class. It should be non-negotiable. Begin with small changes.


Eating healthy food will fuel your body and prevent sugar crashes, but it can also make you happy. Good food is a great way to feel happy and motivated.

Omega-3-rich foods, such as salmon increase levels of the “happy hormone” in your brain. Dark chocolate, mushrooms, and foods rich in probiotics (i.e. kefir yoghurt sauerkraut, and many other foods (3). Coffee lovers: Limit your intake to four cups.

How to incorporate this habit into your day. Buy the food ahead of time. It’s impossible to eat a sugary snack while you’re exhausted and searching through your cupboards for chocolate bars. If I’m ever following a recipe, I usually add twice as much vegetable to the dish and sometimes throw in any veg left in the fridge.


To feel good each day and keep you motivated, it is important to forgive yourself and accept where you are.

This could look like writing in the morning.

I forgive, and I accept where I am. This is my journey, and that’s all that matters,

I’ve learned something from all of it. They are all lessons, good and bad.

O, I choose me.


Meditation improves your concentration, focus, sleep, and attention. Meditation has been shown to decrease anxiety and depression. It’s also free. Meditation isn’t easy for everyone. You can try different kinds to find the one that you like. I choose to listen to different types depending on my mood.

These are just a few of the suggestions that you can try. Remember, even small changes can make a difference.

Success is not an elevator, and it’s a climb up.

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