Get Rid of Negative Self-Talk


“I’m ugly”

“I’m not good enough.”

“I couldn’t do that.” “I am not smart enough, intelligent enough, confident enough, or skinny enough em>

“What would other humans think or say?”

These are some of the things you might have said to yourself.

Perhaps you were looking to do something different, so sign up for a course and apply for a job. Then, get excited about starting a business or losing weight.

Before you know it, you’re feeling depressed, uneasy, and unable to do what you truly want.

This is not something you should be ashamed of.

Over 95% of people experience insecurity, unworthiness, or not feeling worthy enough.

Neuroscience has demonstrated the profound impact our internal thoughts and beliefs can have on our health and well-being.

Neuroscience also shows that we can reprogram our beliefs to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

This post is for those looking to dig deeper into self-care and self-care for their souls.

What are beliefs?

Understanding your beliefs is the first step to understanding where self-limiting beliefs originate.

Beliefs can be thought patterns unique to us and are based on our life experiences, most often stemming from our younger years.

Mind habits are mind beliefs. These beliefs are simply thoughts and stories that we repeatedly repeat until they become so embedded in our subconscious minds that we often don’t even know about them.

The way we see our beliefs shape the world. How we see ourselves and others every day.

Beliefs are how we see the world.

5 Steps to Stop Negative Self Talk


Everything that has to do with CHANGE begins with AWARENESS. Although it seems easy, many people fail to do so.

You can put a ‘glitch’ in your programming by acknowledging the thoughts you continue to replay in your head.

Instead of the thought firing unabated, you’re saying – “wait a second ….”. This thought seems to be replaying, and I’m getting tired of the reruns. I will choose to change the channel.

Do you not know your self-limiting beliefs? Look at your environment. Is your relationship unhealthy? Are you overweight or a yo-yo dieter? Are you always broke? Are you unable to make a decision? Your inner beliefs are what create your external world. Look at the patterns in your life, and you’ll often find beliefs that don’t serve you anymore.


You can look at your life from a perspective of curiosity rather than judgment.

Once you’ve identified your self-limiting beliefs and ‘called them out,’ the next step in your journey is to become the scientist of your life. You can dig deeper to understand where your beliefs might have come from and begin to reframe them.

Did you have a specific experience that made you believe or feel certain things? It was the cumulative effects of growing up in a toxic environment. Did you hear it once and haven’t been able to let it go? Start being curious. Recognizing where your beliefs came from can help you let go of their power over you. It is important to recognize where these thoughts originated.


These thoughts can be consciously rescinded. You can permit yourself to let go and work on your self-awareness and self-development.

You have the option to alter your beliefs.

You don’t need other people telling you what to believe. You can decide for yourself.

These beliefs are unique to you and based on your experience. These beliefs are not something you should continue to buy into just because you’ve been a part of them your entire life. You can make the conscious decision not to buy into them anymore and begin working towards changing them.


This is where you need to get your brain working. You have to put in the effort. To change your beliefs and life, you must commit to self-development.

Those pesky thoughts can be a problem. You need to recognize them and stop them.

You have many options:

Journal around your thoughts and beliefs Рself-reflection can be one of the most powerful tools in your self-development toolkit.

Do you have evidence to support your belief? Have you ever lived in a situation where it was false? Do you have a role model who doesn’t hold this belief?

If therapy is necessary to deal with your issues, invest in it.

Use affirmations, mantras and visualizations to manifest.

How to Reframe your Beliefs This will help you shift to a growth mindset, challenge your beliefs, and dig deeper.

This may not be the same for everyone. Find what resonates with your personality, and then…


These beliefs were built over many years and will take time to disintegrate. You build new beliefs every time you find yourself in a negative spiral. Conscious repetition is rewiring the brain. Don’t give up. Give yourself grace when your thoughts prevail, and keep going. This is a marathon, not a sprint. One of the greatest gifts you could give yourself is to learn about your inner world and your beliefs. Invest in yourself.


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