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Noemi J. Mullins

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The future of dating is pretty exciting. People are more sexually free than ever before, and they want to have both a career AND a relationship. If you have ever woken in a navy sheet and wished that guys would take girls to drive-ins on dates and ask them to “go steadily,” then you will love this episode of the Everygirl podcast.

Kim began to get dating advice from Grandma Gail when she moved in with them at the beginning of the pandemic. They decided to create Excuse My Grandma, where they discuss dating and relationships with two different generations. You can read their three best dating tips below, and listen to this week’s The Everygirl podcast to learn more.

Let your imagination run wild (no, it’s not about your clothes!)

Millennials, Gen Z, and other generations are the “therapy generation” when it comes to dating. We want to be aware of everyone’s traumas as soon as we meet them to avoid any surprises. Grandma Gail, however, believes that getting to know someone can be a more fun experience. She said, “When dating, it’s important to enjoy yourself and not analyze each other too much. You should also be able to give more to the relationship.” “Go deeper with someone, but give yourself some time.”

You may find that you are getting to that “ohhhhhh” (you know, that moment when you discover something about someone that makes you uncomfortable) a bit earlier than you’d like in a relationship. Try keeping the dates light and fun for the first few dates. It’s okay to have fun when getting to know someone. Isn’t this the whole point?

Know the difference between a red flag and an ick.

There are many terms out there that help you express your feelings about someone. Kim and Gail both have a list of signs to watch out for during the early stages of a relationship. There’s a big difference between things that are a dealbreaker and those you can live with (also called an “ick”). Someone who doesn’t prioritize you, for example, is a red flag. Double-texting is a bad idea.

You can also get to know yourself better and discover your dating personality by figuring out which signs are a red flag for you and those that are an ick. These distinctions will help you better understand your boundaries in any relationship.

Skip the exclusive situations stage.

You knew it was coming. Both Kim and Gail are against the “exclusive-but-not-serious” stage and for a good reason. Kim stated that if you are exclusive, then you are in a relationship. Kim said that being exclusive is a form of relationship.

Kim and Gail both point out that situations are toxic. So why not admit to ourselves that making things official would be better than a middle-of-the-road period of awkwardness? You might be able to get a better feel for a person if you skip the exclusive stage.

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