Some practical tips to help you refocus and re-align with yourself and your life


Are you ever feeling “off”? Like you don’t know what to do. Even though you don’t know what it means, you know you are out of balance deep down. You are probably out of alignment. You are living in the same way as a car out of alignment. You are fighting against your natural self and going in its direction.

It’s easy to lose your way in the bustle of daily life. The truth is that we all know what’s best. We all know what we should do deep down, but it is easy to get distracted by the “doing” and forget that we are doing something.

You can live in harmony by letting go of your beliefs and opinions about what should happen so you can interact with the present. Here are eight practical ways to start re-aligning your life’s balance.


It’s important not to get caught up in all the negative things and how they affect your life. Instead, focus on what’s good. You give energy to what your mind focuses on. Be mindful of the beauty and gifts you see every day.


Sometimes, it’s best to do nothing when everything seems overwhelming at once. This kind of “nothing” has less to do with mindlessly scrolling through your phone and more to do with consciously choosing to hold space, allowing yourself to be. Unwind to release tension and allow yourself to be heard and seen.


The core values of our society are what make us unique and individual. These core values are the foundation of who we are and how we behave. Our values are part and parcel of our being. Living in harmony with them will lead to a richer and more fulfilling life. Living out of our values is more likely to lead to bad habits, self-sabotage, and a constant search for short-term satisfaction.


You must reflect on what boundaries you have and how they are used. Healthy boundaries are how others treat you, what you can expect of them, and how you treat yourself. You can pay attention to your feelings and make rules to protect yourself from negative thoughts. Then, enforce those rules to keep you feeling secure, happy and confident in yourself.


A mediation session can help you re-centre, no matter what is going on internally or externally. Meditating is difficult because many people find it scary to be still and think. What is the solution? You can meditate in a way that suits you. There are many options for meditation, including guided and unguided meditations, visualizations, breathing work, mantras, and body scans.


It can be difficult to recognize our thoughts and feelings when things become too chaotic and out of control. This is especially true if unhealthy coping strategies have been used. Ask for help, and don’t be afraid of asking. It doesn’t matter if it is your closest friend, a trained psychologist, or a Reiki master. No matter what you need, you don’t have to be alone. You can find strength and courage in asking for help.


Your inner child is playful and loving. Do you remember all the wonderful, magical things you loved when you were young? What brought you joy in your life? Which were your favourite activities? What were your favourite ways to be creative? You’ll likely still enjoy those activities and find great joy in sharing your thoughts. Try them!


Last but not least, to find true alignment in your life, you must love what you do and who you are. You won’t find fulfilment if you constantly question who you are and your purpose.

You are the only one who can make your best life. Not what society says. This is your life, and you can choose the path that works for you. If you want to live in harmony, it’s time to get deep into yourself and reflect on what is important to YOU.

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