8 Winter Wellness Activities


The natural cycle of life’s seasons is not dissimilar to the earth’s. Each season has unique gifts, which we can all embrace, despite our differing daily experiences. While spring’s warmth, light, and feelings of renewal and new beginnings may be evocative, winter’s cool, dark, and quiet seasons offer us the chance to slow down, embrace stillness, and heal. Angie Weiland Crosby beautifully describes winter: “Winter knows how to hush and still, listen, so that the soul can talk.” Here are some winter wellness strategies to help you tap into the calmer, more peaceful season.

1. Daily Gratitude Practice

Every day, spend at least five minutes thinking about the things you are grateful for. If you like, write it down. Consider people you love, places you feel safe, and other things that bring you joy.

2. Mindful eating is possible

Winter is full of seasonal flavors and unique tastes. Focus on the experience next time you have a winter favorite like peppermint chocolate or root vegetable soup. Pay attention to the texture, smells, taste, mouthfeel, and texture you experience after eating or snacking.

3. Slow Movement

Winter weather can make it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities. However, it allows us to explore slower forms and movements that we can do indoors, such as Tai Chi, yoga, deep stretching, and Tai Chi.

4. Take Mindful Winter Walks

While mindful walks can be a good practice in any season, winter can provide a more tranquil and peaceful experience. When you’re out walking, take note of some wintery gifts like the crunch of snow or leaves with every step, the crisp air, and the stillness of nature.

5. Deep Breathing:

Deep breathing can be incredibly relaxing, especially when combined with a soothing ritual. Slowing down our breathing can signal to our brain that almost instantly restores our calm. Click the link below for 10 free, festive breathing exercises:

6. Reflective journaling

Journaling and mindful self-reflection are great ways to regain and rebuild our relationships with ourselves in this quiet season. Get cozy with a blanket, a notebook, and a pen and reflect on the winter day. You might think of these journal prompts: * I am grateful that

7. Get in touch with old friends

Although hibernation can be tempting in winter, it is important to maintain a healthy social life. This is a great time to reconnect with someone you care about and have lost touch with. It can do wonders for your soul to send a quick message or call a friend you care about.

8. Create Cozy Rituals

Everyday Health estimates that nearly 20% of people experience seasonal mood swings. It can be very effective to create cozy rituals you look forward to each day to beat the winter blues. You could spend 30 minutes reading by the fireside with your loved ones, have morning coffee under a blanket, or watch a festive movie night.

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