How to Manifest Someone into Your Life

Noemi J. Mullins

Think again if you believe that positive thinking is the only way to achieve what you desire. I used to doubt the Law of Attraction, but now I know that it works. As a young girl, I would steal Allure from my mother and imagine myself as a writer. Here I am, writing this article for you and being paid to do what I love. I subconsciously manifested this, and chances are you did as well.

Rhonda Byrne is a modern-day expert who believes that manifestation is about sending your intentions into the universe and then waiting for them to be received. This is based on the Law of Attraction principle, which says that you can create what you believe. This mindset allows you to achieve anything in your life, whether it’s a dream career, more money, or that special person.

You’re in the right place if you want to know how to manifest your perfect relationship. You can attract your ideal partner with these practical tips and six simple steps. Continue reading to find out how.

How to Manifest Someone in Your Life

Select who you wish to manifest.

It would be best if you first determined what your ideal partner is. Write down all the things you desire in a partner. This includes their personality, their interests, and more. There is no such thing as a forbidden topic. Next, look over the list to determine what qualities you value most. You may think that you want to be an entrepreneur, but you realize you also want someone who can support your dreams. You might decide that you prefer someone funny. It doesn’t matter what the situation is; being clear about who you want in your life will make it easier to attract them.

Write down who you would like to manifest.

You can start a journal once you have decided who you would like to manifest. You can do this by writing positive affirmations or a list of qualities that your future partner possesses. Or you can write your manifestation multiple times per day. Whatever method of presentation you choose, you must be specific and use the present tense. Instead of “I want …” write, “I see someone who is kind, makes me smile, and loves hiking just as much as I love it.”

It will confirm that your manifestation is going to happen and already has happened–not just that you wish that it would happen. The same goes for talking. You will find it easier to locate your ideal partner when you speak about them as if they are already in your life. You have the power to influence others with your words, so be intentional.

Create a vision board for your relationship.

You can also create a vision board that shows you what a loving partnership looks like. You can also include romantic dinners, travel destinations, activities, an engagement ring, your dream home, etc. This will allow you to visualize better your life and the person you desire. After all, seeing is believing.

Don’t hesitate to put your vision board in a place you cannot see. This may sound strange, but it will help you let go of your manifesting person, giving them space and energy. Remember that you are trying to keep the person you’re trying to manifest in the place where they already exist, not because you want them.

Imagine your life with them.

Visualization can help you achieve your goals because it helps them feel more real. Spend a few minutes every day, even if it’s only three, to sit quietly and close your eyes. Imagine your ideal life together with your special someone. Imagine the life you will have together. Travel, get married, have children, buy a home, etc. Allow yourself to feel each situation. You can, for example, imagine yourself eating dinner on Mykonos. Feel the Aegean breeze on your skin and taste the olives’ salt on your tongue while staring longingly at the person across the table.

You deserve it

You must believe in yourself if you want to manifest true love. If you say, “I never seem to have luck with my partners,” you’ll display bad luck in your love life. Set aside time for self-reflection and to reflect on your life. You can do this through meditation, yoga, or reflective journaling. Try to identify any self-limiting belief you may have about love. Allow yourself to sit with these false beliefs and then acknowledge that they are lies. Then, let them go. Raising your vibration can help you be in a position to attract the person you want. Daily self-love statements can be helpful, as they remind you of your worth and how you deserve to find that one-of-a-lifetime love.

Take action

Even though it’s nice to talk about your ideal partner, that doesn’t mean you will get a knock on your door the next day. It would be best if you still put in some effort. Take action and get yourself out there. Join dating apps based on your preferences, ask friends to set you up, and have the courage to approach someone who you find attractive. Join a nature lover’s group or a pottery class to find someone outdoorsy. Most importantly, go on dates.

Continue to work on being the best version of you in the meantime. When the time is right, being able to commit yourself will help you save others and enjoy a fulfilling relationship. Focus on what feeds your soul and building self-love. Let go of the things that don’t serve you anymore (like late-night haunts, which leave you wondering about all of life’s decisions the next day). Do the work, and believe in the process of manifestation. When the time is right, you will find the person you are looking for.

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