18 Ridiculous Signs He Wants to Have You Chase Him

Noemi J. Mullins

Do you love a man who makes you feel special? Are you worried he might not be serious with you because you are hot and cold? He wants you to chase after him; that’s why he loves making you confused.

When he meets you, he always appears at his best.

Do you always wear your best OOTD when he asks you to go out with him? He will appreciate your effort and make you fall in love with him if you are willing to put in the effort. 

He wears a very masculine scent.

This guy doesn’t just dress up but also wears the most masculine fragrance he has ever tried. A manly scent can make a woman feel sexy. The scent can make women lust for the man wearing it. 

He Impresses You with his Shows of Style

He will do everything to make you want to follow him. He wants you to believe he is the coolest guy in the world. You won’t be surprised to hear him talk about his talents, achievements, savings, awards and anything else that makes him sound impressive. 

He looks at you with dreamy eyes.

Girls are drawn to men with beautiful eyes. If a man you are dating regularly locks eyes with you to make you feel romantic, he likely wants you to fall for him. You will feel loved and wanted by his beautiful looks. 

He Takes You on a Ride in His Expensive Car.

Expect him to take you on joy rides if he’s wealthy and has four wheels. Men believe they can impress women by having cars and money, so they will want to show off their fancy vehicles. Many girls consider men who have beautiful cars to be hot. 

He invites you to a coffee date.

A coffee date is one of the best and most convenient ways to connect with someone. It’s no surprise that many coffee shops are popping up everywhere. If the guy invites you to coffee often to chat, it will make you believe he is interested in you.

He treats you like a true gentleman.

When you’re together, he behaves like your prince charming. He makes you feel like a princess and protects you. He will carry your bag, open doors for you, and hold your hand as you cross the street. 

He teases you a lot.

He is also very playful with you, which is another sign he wants to chase you. He is a great joker and loves to make you laugh. This will cause you to miss him when you’re not there.

He seems to be in love with you.

You would be able to tell when a man flirts with someone if you’ve had many boyfriends. If you sense that the man is flirting with you, he is likely interested in you

He jokes about falling in love with you.

He also jokes about his feelings for you, as if to take him flirting to the next level. You will take his jokes seriously if you’re in love with him. You will keep the hope that you are meant for each other.

He says You are his dream girl.

Is there anything he has to say about meeting his dream girl? He described a wonderful woman while staring at you with longing when he was asked. You suddenly felt that he was talking about you. It made your heart beat faster. 

He likes to hold your hand.

He has not told you directly that he loves you. He treats you like a close friend. He is comfortable touching you and hugging you. He will also hug you if you’re nervous or scared.

He Serenades You.

A love song can be sung to a girl by a guy. Women respond well to romantic gestures. Another sign that he wants to chase you is the sweet serenade. He wants to make you feel loved if he sings your favourite love song.

He playfully introduces you as his future girlfriend/wife.

Have you ever been referred to by your friends as his future girlfriend or wife? It was not a joke. He knew the effect it would have on you and any other girl who would be the subject. 

He thinks you are special.

A way for guys to make women want to date them is to make their fragile hearts feel special. Don’t be surprised if the man you are dating says he thinks you are extraordinary. He may have described you in a few flowery words, such as your kindness, sweetness, or class.

He suddenly disappears for a while.

He stopped messaging you after communicating with you for several weeks. You tried calling him, but his phone was not working, and he didn’t respond to your messages. His absence drove you insane for several days. You tried everything to find out what had happened. 

He says he hates seeing you with other guys.

You might also have heard him say he doesn’t like you hanging out with guys. This would prompt you to ask him why. Men who only want girls to chase them normally would not ask the question.

He makes you jealous of other girls.

You will also see him being too friendly with girls. You might even think he’s doing it to make you jealous. This is why he would do it. He wants you to compete with the other girls to win his attention.

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