Four Tips to Build Trust in Relationships

Noemi J. Mullins

Trust in relationships is often thought of as rebuilding trust after an event where trust was damaged or lost. Trust issues can arise from dishonesty and unreliability.

Let’s put our efforts into building trust right from the beginning of a relationship. Here are four concrete, practical ways to build trust and keep it.


    • Use to communicate what you mean and what you intend . It is important to keep your word and live up to it. Honoring your commitments is one example. You should always honor your commitments if you promise to be there for you to move on Saturday. Because you care about the person, it is easy to make promises to the world. You do more damage when you make promises you cannot keep. You are allowed to change your mind. Be sure to tell your partner. Your partner will be able to trust you if you communicate what you mean.
    • Communicate your intentions clearly. Clear and effective communication is key to maintaining successful relationships with colleagues and friends as well as family. This is equally important for romantic relationships. It is not possible for your partner to read your mind, so communicate clearly and often. This is an example of how to practice this: If you wish to have movie night on Wednesday, communicate your intentions with your partner. You can also inform your partner if you plan to make major life changes. Your partner will be informed about your plans so they don’t have to guess or make assumptions and are not caught off guard.
      • Recognize your mistakes. In all relationships, honesty and responsibility are essential. Your partner will want to know you will be honest with them if you make a mistake. All of us make mistakes. Trust is built by taking responsibility for your mistakes, asking how you can improve it, and making a promise that you won’t make the same mistake again (or at minimum, that you will limit that mistake).
      • Always tell the truth. Although this may seem obvious, you’d be amazed at how many people are good-heated and lie. People lie to avoid conflict, get out of difficult situations, and please their audience. It is difficult for others to trust you when you lie about small things (think white liars). Instead of telling a white lies, it is better to take the time to reflect on the issue. There are two alternatives to lying: “I’m not sure yet. Can I get back to your?” and “I feel emotional about this topic. I would like to put it on the table and come back when my feelings are more settled.” Trusting your partner is only possible if you tell the truth.

Be consistent and consistent

These four tips will help you build trust in your everyday relationships and give your relationship a solid foundation. I encourage you to take a look at your relationship and see if you’re following these four tips. Pick one tip to work on if you aren’t. You can practice the tip for up to two weeks before you move on to the next tip. Building trust takes a marathon and not a sprint. Take your time and be patient. It will make your relationship more enjoyable.

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