Have More Fun and Love in Your Marriage Now

Noemi J. Mullins

Love and marriage. If you want a strong and healthy marriage, leverage is not something you should think about. Better communication, deep intimacy, and visible love are all things you’re more likely to desire. While there are many ways to create a loving relationship with someone, there are some things that will always nurture love. It is not about the big gestures but the small actions every day that makes a difference. It is important to take advantage of the little things in your marriage.

We must always get up for our spouses and in relationships. Unintentionally, we make unkind remarks about our spouses or complain about them not finishing their home projects on time or being late. Or, we start arguments.

Perhaps it is time to discover the power of leverage in marriage and love.

Power of leverage in marriage

Sometimes, the smallest of actions can impact your marriage and bring more love to it.

How can we leverage our marriage and relationship? The most important thing isn’t romantic love. It is crucial to learn how to harness the power of everyday habits and pivotal responses to create a healthy relationship. It is essential to learn how to make our time together more enjoyable and create a fun, meaningful connection.

Best Marriage Advice: Take small steps daily to build trust, closeness, and love

  • We can offer encouragement and support when we feel the least inclined to do so.
  • We can choose not to react harshly when our spouse is disrespectful or having a difficult day.
  • We can talk to our partners if we feel hurt by an act of kindness, but we don’t have to make them feel bad or wrong.
  • It can make a stressful day pleasant by greeting them warmly when they return from work.
  • Instead of yelling at your partner for doing something you don’t like, stroke or kiss their face and tell them to stop.

These small shifts in behavior can have a cumulative effect, much like when I tilted my head in my dive. These small shifts account for 80% of the final results.

We often believe that things are complicated. But, otherwise, we would do them. We imagine that there must be something gravely wrong with the compatibility in our relationship–instead of just being kinder. Our culture tends to minimize the importance of small actions. We think we need to go on a romantic 10-day vacation to Hawaii to renew our love. Instead, we should strive to make that feeling part of everyday life.

Timing is key to nurturing love. Timing creates leverage.

Isn’t it more meaningful to be surprised by your husband with a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day than a single rose?

Isn’t it more important to show compassion when upset than just saying “I love” a dozen times per day to your spouse? What about your husband’s tender kisses when you feel like you don’t deserve them? Or is your wife sending you to the football game rather than asking for help?

Love is small, but it’s big!

As my wrong head turn caused me to lose my ability to dive, it can also devastate a relationship. Many small but negligent actions can cause irreparable damage to a relationship. However, it is possible to make great financial returns by making small, loving deposits into your spouse’s emotional bank account.

It’s easy to lose track of things. It’s easy to lose track of things.

Because small is often big, it is comforting to know that even the smallest things can make a big difference in our busy and stressful lives.

It takes only a few moments to choose a flower, send a love text, or write a note of appreciation. Everybody has three minutes.

Ask yourself what would make your partner feel valued, heard, and loved. Think of a fun response to replace the conditioned grumbles or sarcastic remarks. Start small and spread them throughout the week. You’ll be able to add more love and joy to your relationship.

It is not about the size of your heart but how you think and act. When we practice small acts of kindness and love unexpectedly, it can cement a relationship and keep it happy and secure. It is possible to be small and still achieve great things.

Be a small person who can make a difference in the long term.

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