Six Unexpected Ways to Take Care of Yourself


This past year has been more difficult than ever for the nation’s mental well-being. As schools and workplaces open up, “normal” life begins to resume, you may feel more anxious.

If you feel this resonates with your feelings, know that you’re not alone and professional support is available. You can do many things to improve your mental health, including the six suggestions below. Some of these ideas might surprise you.

Talk to the trees

The expression “Tree of Life” is not a coincidence. Wisdom is found in nature, in the roots and branches of trees. Start a dialogue with the environment to see if they have any answers. This may help you see things from a different perspective, regulate your emotions, and provide a space for reflection. Let us know if you give it a try.

Being kind to others is a form of self-care

There are many benefits to helping others. You can help a neighbour with shopping or volunteer for a community project. Giving your time to the community can give you satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment. This is empirically linked with a healthy mind and body.

Spring cleaning your home is not just for your benefit, however strange it may sound

Spring cleaning can be a great way to clear your mind and give you a new perspective. It can be considered a form of meditation and therapeutic. You can take some time to think about which belongings you no longer need or that don’t bring you joy and give them to someone else. You may find that you can relax and clear your mind by making more space in your home.

A full health check-up can make a huge difference to your mental health

You don’t want to put off a visit to the dentist, doctor or optician. Now is the right time to address any concerns and ensure that you are in good physical health.

You can easily fall into a routine that isn’t challenging you or allows you to learn new skills

You may be surprised at how much you can do by trying new things, learning new skills, and going outside your comfort zone. You will increase your self-confidence and self-esteem by pushing the limits. This will also help you to see new possibilities and opportunities.

Your relationship with your partner needs to be improved

If you live apart, you might have had a difficult year with your partner spending too much time at home or less time together. You will notice a difference in your mental health if you invest more time and effort in improving your relationship. People often believe that your relationships will also be better if you feel better. The reverse is true. When your relationship is stronger, you will feel better. Strong relationships with your partner are the best way to protect yourself from mental health problems and improve your life satisfaction. It is one of your best investments.

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