Statistics on Marriage Proposals: Surprising Stats

Noemi J. Mullins

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning your own wedding or helping someone you know plan it. There are many statistics that can help you make informed decisions and inspire creativity. Some of these statistics will surprise you!

It is important to plan for marriage proposals

It’s a popular time to propose and get married. In fact, 37% of all couples are engaged between November-February each year. The top three days to propose are the winter holidays. New Year’s Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are the most popular. This is not surprising, as these days offer opportunities to reconnect with family and friends and time spent with loved ones.

Another important aspect of a proposal is the planning. Wedding Wire reports that more than 70% of proposes chose their ring within two months of the proposal. The timing of the proposal could have been affected by the fact that around 80 percent of brides give hints about their ring preferences.

Surprised? Maybe Not

Statistics about the surprise element that couples feel in an engagement are somewhat distorted. The Knot found that 50% of proposers believed their partner was surprised at the proposal. Only 33% of those who received the proposal stated they didn’t expect it.

It can be a sign that a proposal is on the way by the process of designing the perfect ring. Proposers look at an average of 15 designs before making their final decision on a ring. Many people report that they ask their partner for their opinion or the input of close friends and family. It is difficult to keep a surprise proposal secret when you ask for this information.

Uploading Engagement Ring Photos

This is a fun fact that might surprise you if your are a social media butterfly. However, most people wait at least a few days before posting their engagement photos to social media. Most couples can call or visit their closest friends and family to share the news. It is polite and loving to take the time to tell your closest friends and family before it goes viral on social media.

If you post photos of your ring before telling family and friends that you are engaged, they may feel excluded. This one- to two-day waiting period is important to remember when celebrating your engagement.

The Cost of a Marriage Proposal

The ring is undoubtedly the largest cost associated with a proposal. Over half of the proposers said they spent more than $5,000 on their engagement ring. 45 percent of the couples chose a custom-made ring. A small percentage of couples, around seven percent, get the center stone from their family. This reduces the overall cost of the ring.

Only 70% of the proposers said that they kept to their budget when it came to buying the engagement ring. More than 90% reported that they bought the ring on their own. Nearly three percent of engaged couples shared the cost of their engagement ring.

The Engagement in Numbers

After the proposal is over, you can now enjoy the engagement period that will lead up to the wedding. The average engagement period lasts around 15 months. It is important to maintain and take care of your relationship throughout this period. Nearly 15% of engagements end in marriage. The couple may split up for many reasons.

However, couples who engaged in premarital counselling reported stronger marriages than those who did not. This is a great time to strengthen and grow your relationship before you say “I do.”

The main takeaways

Although it may seem daunting to go through the engagement and proposal process, many others have done it before. Statistics can be used to inform you throughout the process and provide some comfort when making proposals and engagement decisions.

At the end of it all, your love and relationship with your partner is unique. This season and this experience are yours to cherish. Trust your heart.

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