How to Avoid Power Imbalances in Relationships

Noemi J. Mullins

If you’re starting to date someone or are in a relationship, knowing how to keep power imbalances out of relationships is worth knowing.

Have you ever found yourself contemplating the new person you’ve been dating and thought, “They’re just amazing in every way; they check all the boxes,” Have you ever thought you knew much more than you know? You’ve had a couple of notable dates, and you begin to believe they’re perfect for you.

They’re fun, sweet, and gorgeous. Your heart is dancing happily, and you think you’ve found the ideal partner. It’s easy to see them slide effortlessly through your lives.

However, in actuality, you’re not sure about them.

You know you may be guilty of placing your new or prospective partner on the same level as your partner. We’ve been there before, but it’s high time to discuss the negative consequences this unintentional behavior can have on our relationships and even with ourselves.

Avoid Power Imbalances in Relationships

Pedestalling placing an individual on a pedestal causes an imbalance of power within the relationship. If we elevate our loved ones to an untouchable status, we can inadvertently decrease the value of ourselves. We may constantly seek their approval and acceptance, and our happiness becomes contingent on our partner’s actions. This could lead to frustration, fear, and a negative situation that erodes the base of respect and love.

If you cannot recognize that you have placed your partner as if they were a statue, it results in an imbalance of power within the relationship. If you make your new or date friend to aan unalterable status and do this, you diminish your worth. You may question your price and value and wonder if you’re worth enough for them.

This could lead to you constantly seeking approval and validation. Your happiness can be based on the actions of others. It’s possible to become nervous before your dates, wondering what the meaning of every word in a text message is and wondering why it took up to four hours for them to respond to messages. This can lead to anger, anxiety, and an unhealthy environment that destroys the foundations of respect and love.

There are other signs to be aware of:

It is possible to forget about your value. You are so enthralled by their accomplishments that you don’t think about your achievements and strengths. Your life begins to revolve around yours and your identity. Be aware that the ideal relationship should be an equal partnership, where each person is valued as they are.

Communication breakdown Pedestal placing is often the cause of a deterioration in communication. It is difficult to share your honest thoughts about your fears, worries, or feelings as you fear you could ruin the good thing. You are hesitant to confront problems and discuss areas where you can improve your lives as individuals and as a couple.

It is feared that speaking out about the things that bother you could sever the bond and reveal who your partner wants him to believe you are. Healthy relationships are built through honest and open communication. It is essential to establish a safe environment for each partner to feel vulnerable and confront their flaws together.

Pedestalling is among the most frequent errors women make when dating or beginning a new relationship.

It’s so subtle that you may not be aware that you’re doing it. However, it would be best if you were mindful of yourself. See how your body reacts to these thoughts. Do you feel a bit unsure and need to demonstrate your worth, or are you afraid you’ll fail?

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