How to Deal With Overwhelming Emotions While Dating

Noemi J. Mullins

Let’s discuss how to handle the overwhelming emotions that come with dating.

We all recognize that emotions are a significant element of human life and can influence our relationships. However, emotions can be challenging to comprehend, particularly when confronted with complicated ones.

First, there are five main feelings: joy, sadness, anger, fear, and displeasure. In dating, these emotions may manifest in a variety of ways. It is possible to feel satisfied over a new date, depressed after being dissatisfied or betrayed, angry at being cheated or frightened from being afraid, or even a bit freaked out by a negative incident.

Be aware of emotions and how they impact us

At times we may feel that we’re experiencing different emotions. If we’re feeling triggered by past traumas or experiences, dealing with our feelings can be more challenging. This is where self-awareness can be helpful. Identifying what we’re feeling and why we feel will aid us in looking over our emotions objectively rather than responding impulsively.

Let’s say you’re on an evening out with someone you genuinely love and are anxious and nervous about it. You begin to consider whether your outfit is enough, whether you’ll do something foolish, and whether the other person might be a fan of you.

In this instance, it’s essential to realize the anxiety you’re experiencing and to understand the reason. Are you scared of being rejected? Are you worried about not being enough?

How do you deal with the overwhelming emotions?

One strategy for coping that aids the clients I work with is something that I refer to as S.O.S., a second word that refers to practicing mindfulness techniques. It can be box breathing which is among my favorites. Breathe in for four breaths, hold for 4, then out for 4, and have for four. This will slow you down, bring you back into your body, and free your mind from worrying thoughts. Additionally, you can perform this anywhere, such as in the bathroom or in your car.

Another S.O.S. technique is dancing it out. Select a few songs that reflect your emotions and then dance or move around the room until those songs are finished. While you’re dancing, shaking your body, and letting go, you are physically moving your emotions out of your body and making you feel more relaxed.

If you’d like to go further within yourself, you can set a timer of 10 minutes on your smartphone and let yourself experience the emotion completely. Be aware of where you feel it within your body. Pay attention to the sensations. Be mindful of how your feelings change and alter. This exercise helps you manage your emotions by making yourself aware that you have control of how you feel and the ability to experience emotions without being overwhelmed.

Have you heard of the famous phrase? “You have to feel it to release it”? This exercise does precisely this. It is possible to be cautious or aloof to keep from feeling a certain way. However, if we let ourselves think about emotion and experience it, we’ll discover that we can be open and share the discomfort without being stuck.

Additional questions to consider following these exercises

What are my triggers for emotions when in relationships?

How have my personal experiences impacted my emotional responses to a relationship?

What strategies for coping have been successful for me in the past, and how can I integrate them into my relationships?

In the end, managing feelings in a relationship can be complicated; however, it is doable by gaining self-awareness, employing healthy coping strategies like S.O.S. strategies, and reflecting on our own experiences to gain more in touch with our feelings and making better choices regarding our relationships. If you’re interested in diving into this more deeply, sign up for an interview with me to get more information! Check for my blog entries on attracting the right man. Is This holding you back in your dating? And Never settle for less.

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