The Best Date Ideas for Everyone

Noemi J. Mullins

Double dates are a great idea. What could go wrong when you, your friend, and both partners are all together? As someone who has experienced group dates that were more than awkward, I can assure you there are many possibilities. I’ve spent countless hours at traditional restaurant-style meals trying to find a common interest that would keep the conversation flowing. My wine-themed date went down the drain once the alcohol started flowing. No activities were planned to distract my guests from their very real and unknown issues. There are many more things I could mention, but I will spare you.

While planning these dates, I was constantly surprised by the lack of luck. I set out to plan activities that would be fun and allow my partner to get to know the other couple better, no matter how comfortable we were with them in the beginning. I’m confident to present you with a list that includes seven double-date suggestions. These are sure to be a hit or will at least leave you with a lot of laughs. Each of these double dates has been tried and tested by me.

Bowling Shoes are Back in Style

Do you remember your birthday parties in elementary school? It’s the same, but it’s not a bad thing. Bowling is still a popular group activity because it embodies all the aspects of a great night out. Do you want to grab a drink or a pitcher of beer? Done. Need a move that will break the awkward silence between partners who do not know each other well? Provided. There is always something interesting to discuss, no matter how good you are at the game. (And a healthy competition will get your blood pumping!) ).

Join a local trivia night.

I didn’t know what to expect on our first double-date trivia night. But I came away a fan. Although I didn’t answer all of the questions (or even most), I enjoyed the bar food, drinks, and side conversations. What’s the key? The key is that you are given topics for discussion, which naturally expand to allow you to get better to know your partner and the other couple. It’s not important to win. I find it more enjoyable. You’ll also impress your friends later with the seemingly useless knowledge that you have gathered.

Host “Cook Off”

can cook the dishes for you. Choose a theme and dress accordingly. Bring your ingredients with you. Then, move on to the appetizers, main courses, and desserts. The couples can each contribute two systems and then see which one fits the theme best. It’s the best way to have a double date and also bring your favorite Food Network program to your kitchen at the same time! You can take the stress off by looking up some good takeout restaurants near you… just in case.

Find a Festival

Fairs and festivals are great ways to experience the local culture and get your group moving! You can choose from a Renaissance Fair or Art Festival to a food-specific event. (Traverse City Cherry Festival, anyone?) You’ll find plenty of activities to keep you entertained all day. You can also buy a souvenir at a festival booth and immerse yourself in the local history. These events offer a variety of cute photo opportunities so you can continue to have fun, for better or worse.

Release Anxious Energy by Axe Throwing

Listen to me. Although axe-throwing may not seem like a typical date activity, I can tell you from experience that meeting my fiance’s friends who are married can be nerve-racking. Axe throwing is a favorite of mine on this list. It’s active and surprisingly safe. Axe throwing is something that almost nobody can do well. The novelty of being able to throw an axe into a wall and not be judged by your partner’s best friend for strangely answering their last question pumps up your adrenaline.

Find local concerts or open mics.

It’s exciting to discover a new musician and add them to all your playlists. It’s even more exciting to discover these artists near or in your city. You’ll probably find it easier than expected to locate live music in a coffee shop, bar, or concert venue. You can choose an artist that you like (or one that you’ve never heard of), and then put on a cute outfit and enjoy the music. You may find your new anthem.

See a Play

Want something different from a movie or Netflix but don’t want to be up and moving? Visit your local theatre for live entertainment. There is art for everyone’s taste. Art can be a great way to start a conversation. There will be plenty of choices for date night, from musical fans to opera lovers. Live entertainment can be a great way to start a double date because you get to know the other people in the group without having to speak much. List your community theater productions and Broadway touring shows and let people vote on them. You can talk about the show over drinks, whether you like it or not.

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