He Will Never Wed You

Noemi J. Mullins

Are you frustrated that your boyfriend has not settled down with you after a long wait? Do you feel defeated and hopeless that he will never get married to you?

He is not a gentleman towards you.

True love will make a man treat his partner like a queen. Even after many years, he will still be a gentleman to her. If your boyfriend doesn’t seem to care about you, likely, he is not serious about you being with him. If he truly loves you, he won’t make you wait, allow you to go home late, or let you carry heavy things while you walk with your hands-free.

He has Never Thought of Anything.

What was the last time your boyfriend surprised you on your Valentine’s Day or birthday? Is he willing to spend money on you for a gift or to take you out for a romantic date on your anniversary? You should be suspicious if he has never done any of these things.

He is cold and bored with you.

What about when you are together? Are you feeling distant or in a hurry? Do you feel he is more interested in scrolling on his smartphone than chatting with you? There is a good chance he won’t marry you if he doesn’t like your presence.

He is often rude.

Are you often harsh with him? He might not enjoy being with you if he is constantly irritable when you are together. True love will make you so grateful to him. He won’t drive you away by being rude to you. His tactic will likely make you lose faith in him and turn you off.

He doesn’t care about your feelings.

If your boyfriend regards you as his future wife, he will be there for you and your feelings. He will never do anything to hurt you. He will be your loving partner and protect you from any disrespect, insult, disappointment or other things that could cause you to feel hurt.

He rarely initiates contact.

Are you the one who initiates conversations? Is it you who is the first to call or message him every day? Is he observant if you don’t contact him for days? Accept that this is how he treats you and will never marry. He doesn’t even miss you.

He does not introduce you to his family.

A serious note: If a guy is interested in being your husband, he will introduce you to his family. This is a sign that he wants to marry you. If he has not invited you to his family or siblings yet, it is a sign that something is wrong. He doesn’t bother to bring you home, probably because he thinks you won’t last.

He’s not interested in meeting your family.

He also makes excuses for you whenever you try to bring him home. He will not make arrangements to visit your parents or other loved ones. He will try to be a part of your life if he loves you and respects what you do. He will also do everything possible to win your trust.

He keeps you from his friends.

Do not be surprised if he keeps you away from his family. Why is he keeping you away from his family? It is worth asking why. This is a red flag that he doesn’t intend to make you his wife. If he is interested in marrying you, he will not keep your secret from the public.

He is annoyed with your friends.

How does he treat his friends? Are they rude or aloof? Is he a bit hostile to your friends? Your boyfriend will try his best to be good friends if he truly loves and cares about you. Your boyfriend should also be your friend, especially if you will become one day.

He only sees you when he needs to relieve himself.

It would be easy to assume that your boyfriend is passionate when you share intimate moments. Boys will be boys and not as emotionally driven as girls. They can have a sensual relationship with someone and not be attached to them. His physical desire to have you as his wife does not mean he needs you. He could even keep you for this sole purpose.

He doesn’t care about your needs.

What about your emotional needs? Is he concerned about them? Is he trying to be a good boyfriend? He doesn’t even try to check on you, even though he knows you aren’t okay; it is a sign that he doesn’t love you. It could be a sign that there is no future for you together.

He is not open to discussing weddings.

You should move on if you’ve been married for years and he doesn’t discuss the wedding. He seems to be unwilling to talk about it. It is best to confront him as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may be wasting your youth.

He says he is not ready to have a family yet.

Do you find that he keeps denying you the possibility when discussing marriage openly? Do not wait to have your own family if you are dreaming. He may not be able to settle down with you even if he is in love with you.

He doesn’t save or makes investments for the future.

Many women wish to have a beautiful wedding. Your boyfriend will want to make your wedding memorable. He would have saved for the wedding and his future families if he were to get married. He may not be ready to marry you if he spends all his money on friends and partying.

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