What makes a man want to protect you?

Noemi J. Mullins

Do you feel annoyed by your boyfriend’s overprotectiveness? You are here because you want to know what makes a man protect you.

Some women love having a protective partner. However, people with stronger personalities aren’t happy being treated as weaker. Men tend to think of themselves as women’s heroes. They believe they are stronger than them.

Nature is Protective and Territorial

Men are naturally inclined to be protectors and leaders. They are often protective of their family members. They can be territorial and competitive with other men who could threaten their positions in relationships or organizations.

His Masculine Energy Motivates Him to Take Action on Dangerous Situations

Men also have masculine energy that can make them assertive in dealing with problems or dangers. They believe it is their responsibility to solve all problems. They are challenged to think, act and show their abilities.

It could be his masculine energy if your partner is always rushing to help you out of trouble. He is more likely to be a helper and not restless.

He has the Hero Instinct

A man’s hero instinct makes him want to protect you. Men think of themselves as knights-in-shining-armours, while they think of women as damsels-in-distress. They love it when they can save their partners’ day.

Don’t be surprised if he treats your fragile chinaware like he treats Superwoman. He wants you to feel powerful and needed.

He is compelled to protect the ‘weaker’ sex

Men see themselves as stronger than women, as we have already mentioned. Men are indeed stronger physically, but women can be more powerful in other areas, such as mental, emotional, and spiritual. Men tend to focus on their physical advantages. This is why men view women as weaker people.

It is what a Gentleman is

Society expects men to be “gentlemen”. Many men try to be gentlemen and protect women. They are protective and help girls.

Be grateful that your boyfriend treats you as a gentleman. This signifies that your boyfriend values and respects you as a woman. Don’t forget to say thank you for all your efforts and care.

His Self-Esteem tells him to be enough

Men are pressured to be competitive and useful because they know that society expects them as leaders and physically stronger. They can cause a lot of damage to their egos if they are unable to protect their girlfriends or wives. They can sometimes be too protective.

He considers you his responsibility

Because of their commitment, men know they are responsible to their partners. Men think the same way women do. They know that they have to protect the women in their lives.

If your boyfriend regards you as his responsibility, don’t be offended. He can be treated the same. Your relationship will be stronger and more lasting if you understand each other’s accountability.

He wants to protect his reputation

Man’s pride is also affected by not being able to protect women. They are embarrassed by it. They will be judged for their manhood if they can’t protect their partners and reputations.

His reputation is very important. You will care about your man’s image if you love him. Let your boyfriend show the world that he cares about you.

He can’t bear the thought of you being hurt

Besides their instinctive compulsion and egos, what makes men want to protect you is also influenced by love. People feel protective towards their loved ones. It’s normal. Women feel the same way about anyone they love.

He Fears to Lose You

Men in love with their partner will not be afraid to lose it. They will do everything they can to protect their women and their relationships.

The same goes for your boyfriend. If he is protective of you, it just means he doesn’t want to lose you. He won’t let anyone take you away from him. He will not allow tragedy to take you from him for good. Don’t be surprised if he does sometimes go overboard.

He has taken the pledge to protect you

When you enter a relationship, you are committing to your partner. Men who love their partners understand this and protect their wives or girlfriends. They will risk their safety and comfort to ensure the well-being of the women they promise to love.

He wants to be worthy of you

Men who respect their partners won’t stop following them even if they are married. They will show their high regard for their partners by the way they serve, protect and take care of them. They want to prove they are worthy of being their partners.

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