The Keys to Healthy Love

Noemi J. Mullins

Valentine’s Day offers a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our love for one another. It can be a great way to rekindle the flames of love with your partner.

You must cultivate the skills necessary to bring lasting happiness to your life. It is as important to strengthen your relationship to plan your wedding. A honeymoon doesn’t need to be a one-off event.

Relationship polishes our rough edges and creates diamonds of love

Resilience in our relationships and ourselves can make a difference in building a healthy relationship, no matter how difficult life may be. More important than any other aspect is recognising that no couple or human being is perfect.

We can love even when it’s not easy because of the friction between differences and conflicts in our lives. Our connection will grow and strengthen if we can practice loving even when it is difficult or inconvenient. Try to get to know your partner. Consider conflict an opportunity to learn more about your partner and view life through their eyes. As much as you value your perspective, they should be valued in your life.

How to have a loving and healthy relationship?

KEY 1: Keep your eyes on your partner and how you can love them more each day.

Acceptance is the key to any lasting relationship or marriage. Acceptance is a key to growth and self-discovery. Acceptance does not mean tolerating abuse or disrespect from your partner. Accepting someone despite their flaws is different from tolerating unloving behaviour. Love is holding one another to the love standard: kindness, respect and appreciation, support, and championing your right to be true to yourself while still honouring the relationship.

KEY2: Keep your eyes on the things you love about your partner.

Make love your motivator for every interaction with your partner. Be proud of your partner’s strengths and be there for them when they fall short. If we judge our partner, it is impossible to have genuine intimacy and connection.

KEY3: Give your partner freedom to fulfil their needs. 

Both partners in a relationship and marriage can sometimes be competitive for the same needs. We can hinder their true self-realization by trying to limit our partner’s activities and if we blame them for what they need or feel. We block our true self-becoming by limiting our partner’s activities or blaming them for what they feel, need, or want. Individuality is something we all need to encourage. We all long for fulfilment. Each person has their desires, values and hopes. Encourage one another to cultivate what you love. The joy and contentment that comes from this will flow back into the richness of the community.

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