Looking After Your Mental Health Online


While there are many positive aspects to social media, such as being connected, inspired, and in touch, some downsides can impact our mental health. Passive scrolling can cause us to feel like we have taken too much time from our lives. Comparing with others can also make us feel low and negative about ourselves, leading to feelings of inadequacy and not being enough. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), which can also impact mood, is another factor. This is why all these factors are associated with increased levels of depression and anxiety. It is important to remember that you have the power to protect your mental health online by exercising your power. You have the option to set digital boundaries that will keep this space positive for you. Below are some examples.

Select the accounts that you want to follow carefully

It seems so simple, right? It can make a huge difference in your scrolling. Follow accounts that inspire, inform and bring you joy. You can unfollow, block or mute accounts that you don’t like while scrolling. These functions are yours to use. It is good to do a periodic detox on accounts you follow. They can help you set boundaries for yourself and your account. Your social media accounts are ultimately yours.

Avoid falling for the comparison trap

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? It is human nature to judge and compare. This is how we learn about society. In healthy amounts, it’s okay. Especially when it serves as inspiration and aspiration. When this hurts us, and we feel that we don’t deserve it, it becomes a problem. It is important to remember that what you see in a square represents someone’s best bits. This is a glimpse into their life. It is impossible to know the real story behind what you see. Everybody has their issues and stories, so it is easy to believe everyone has the same story. It’s not true. You may find that editing and filters can help you see that the product you see is not always what you get. Don’t try to aspire to something you don’t have. You can stop getting caught up in the comparisons trap by turning your attention away from social media. Instead, focus on the positive things in your life and be grateful.

Followers and Likes

Do not get too caught up in the numbers. It’s natural for people to want to grow their social media presence. However, if this becomes too much of a focus, remember that social media is all about the relationships you make and your daily engagement. It’s important to remember that social media is about the beauty of your community. Remember that many accounts aren’t naturally grown. Focus on your community and watch it grow.

Take regular digital breaks

This is crucial. Social media can be so beneficial for your mental health. While social media can be beneficial, real life is still the best. If you aren’t on your phone, you can still look up, read, walk, talk, and have real conversations with friends. Social media shouldn’t be used to replace human contact.

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